Amsterdam is City of True Bike lover

I heard so many times that Amsterdam is a city of Bike that I wanted to travel to Amsterdam so badly, in fact since I was very young and was first aware of history that my country was one of ex Netherland’s colony, I wanted to step my feet on The Netherland soil. 

Once I arrived Amsterdam and after checking in I went straight to Amsterdam central and it was amazing. It proved me that what they said is right Amsterdam is indeed the city of Bike, even if I want to exegarate I would say there are more bikes than any other transport. 

Amsterdam is very busy and hustle, typically economy capital city plus this is also one of Tourist travel destination in the world so at Central you can expect the crowd almost anytime. 

The cyclist would be wandering around too even in the late evening and you know what ? Some of them still cycle the old model so not only fancy bike which made me think that not only city of Bike but also Amsterdam is the place of true Bike lover. 

Keep on traveling guys 

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