Things you have to check When you book on line

Online booking is a great help for our convenient to book air tickets, hotels, car rentals, cruise you name it, all you need to travel you can now book online not necessary to make international phone call, no booking fee, easy just in few minutes. You just simply check, chose then type it and finally click confirm there you go.

However, you also have to be very careful, you do not want lose your money just like that. Are they real or fraud so find out about the website. You check from guest review you can also google it to check the website reputation please be wise do not attract to cheap price so much check and recheck.

Very important you must check is the cancellation policy whether it is non refundable or free cancellation and if it is free cancellation find out when is  the time limit.

For hotel booking there are more detail you have to check thoroughly before you decide to book.

Firstly find out who will carry out the charge some website will charge your credit card but there are website that funtionate solely as the booking site and the charges are determined and carried out by the property. So the property will charge in accordance with the policy that the you have chosen.

It can be a big problem if you book for someone else  and you assume that you have paid with your credit card used upon booking and you would not stay with those people.  Unfortunately   you used the website that does not arrange the payment  and the worst scenario the hotel do not accept third party payment, you never let the hotel know in advance nor do you ever inform the website customer service so no one is aware until your guest arrive at the hotel then the hotel ask for the payment  but  your guest  do not have sufficient cash or credit card limit.

So if you want to book for someone else perhaps you are travel agent, to avoid such situation first of all please never assume, instead you ought to ensure first the payment method of the website and once you find out the website does not arrange the payment, please immediately contact the website customer service to check for you whether the hotel accept third party payment prior to booking if they accept, then you make a booking  after booking you call the website customer service again to ask for third party authorization form  from the hotel.

Secondly on cancellation policy there are one policy called special condition, specially for this one you have to read the term carefully, there are some term special condition where mostly it will allow you some period of time for free cancellation but please do not miss any important point,  because sometimes there is one special condition which will apply certain amount as  the cancellation fee just right upon your booking  confirmation. Therefore once you cancel, you will be penalized. Even tough not as strict as Non refundable but still there  some amount you have to pay.

The third for the payment policy which says pay later that means you have to pay at the hotel when you arrive,  sometimes this policy still ask some amount as deposit required prior to your arrival. so sometimes you will also receive email or call from small property to transfer the deposit into their bank account even though you have filled in your credit card detail this is because those property can not charge credit card on line, for those can charge the credit card they will debit your card and if you manage to cancel within free cancellation period so the hotel will refund you the deposit.

The fourth is pre authorization very important to know that when you book online through website whereby they do not arrange the payment, the hotels will have a right to pre authorize your card. This is not an a actual charge they only hold certain amount from your card to guarantee your booking and validate your card after payment  they will release the amount back to your card. Once the hotel pre authorize your card you will receive a charge notification from your merchant, do not be panic because the merchant can not differentiate between an actual charge and pre authorization. What you need to do is you just call the website customer service to check whether the hotel have charged you or just pre authorize your card.

The fifth Please do not use debit card as the hotel will pre authorized the card if you use the debit card then it will be an actual charge, I do not think you would like the hassle just to get the refund and you might need the money so please just use the credit card.

Hope this information will be good for you and make your wow travel experience.

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