London bridge or Tower bridge

Have you ever sing the song "London bridge is falling down"? haha since my kids keep on playing the song on YouTube made me wonder how it looks like in real, so once I got the chance to travel to London. The very first destination my friend and I were going to is London Bridge. well it's classic, history and of course interesting. It crosses over Thames river but wait is it London or tower bridge? OMG, I know it sounds ridicoulus but that was what happened, I got it wrong hahaha, at first I went to tower bridge which I thought is London bridge.

The moment I reached there I immediately realised that is not London bridge however, it is also interesting as it is also one of the landmark in London.  This is combine bascule and suspension bridge in London, I did not want to waste my time. I rushed to pose and click then I came back to my business meeting. I did not want to give up, I still wanted to go to London bride so in next 2 months I went back to London, my wife and I booked hoop on and off city tour bus, it is a double deck bus that brings us to go around the London in some different route and they make few different routes in different colour, so we can change according to our interest as each colour will take you to it's designed specific route where it will pass some important landmarks, historical sites, interesting roads and/ or tourist destinations. So You can explore London much more and find some gem places, very recommended to explore the city.

I finally got the chance to go to Aquarium, London eye and river cruise as all of them one package together with hop on and off city tour bus, I bought the package from tours and travel agent and it's much cheaper than you buy them separately on your own. Of course, most importantly when I was  inside the capsule I could see all tower, London bridge, parliement house all together from the top. Unforgettable memory   

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