Visit India in Singapore

Do not be surprised if you can visit India in Singapore why ? Because Singapore has Little India where you can taste Authentic Southern and Northern Indian cuisine from hawker centre to luxurious restaurant from tossai, prata to dum biryani all you can try out here.

You can feel the crowd, the exactement of Indian town in Singapore as the ambience is just exactly the same with bit of Mumbay, Calcuta or any town in India, you literally meet lots of Indian there especially on weekends.

There are lots of Indian store sell all common Indian stuff, what Indians need and what Indian love such as Sari, Gold Jewelery to any spices. Yes right speaking about spices you can buy all Indian spices, ingredients for Indian cuisine, so almost everything about Indian stuff you want to try you can find here.

There is also Mustafa centre one of 24 hoursshopping mall where you can find any products and services with reasonable price, it is also near Farrer Park MRT.

Well very interesting right, you must come to Little India, do not miss it. Visit India while you are in Singapore.


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