Day 1: Biking Around Gili Trawangan

When you visit Lombok, Gili Trawangan is a-must-visit-destination. Although I know that many virgin beaches in Lombok nowadays, I can say Gili Trawangan is an icon for Lombok.

Gili means island in local language. Therefore, many gili there. So far, I came twice in Gili Trawangan just like my visit in Lombok. On my second visit, I stayed in Trawangan.

We should take a public boat to go there from Mataram, capital city of Lombok. Or if you like a fast and more private transportation, you can choose fast boat. Of course it was more expensive.

I used fast boat for my first visit because I went there with my family. Moreover, we did not stay in Trawangan. We rode fast boat from a hotel in Senggigi.

Otherwise, when I went with my friends, we choosed public ship. We should go to public harbour in Senggigi to buy the ticket. At that time, it was just Rp 10.000. In the boat, there were other tourists and passangers, just like locals or sellers. They supplied daily needs for Gili Trawangan.  

It was fun to ride the boat. The sea was so crystal clear. The colour was changed from blue, green, tosca, or between them. I can not hold my hands to touch it.

Just a couple minutes, we arrived at Trawangan. We got off the boat and walked to our homestay. There were no motor vehicles in here. It was afternoon and the street was not really full. I just saw some people walked, cidomo (horse-drawn carriage), and bikes. No wonder that the air was so clear.

Our homestay was cute, but I can not wait to play at the beach. However, before explored the island, we should took a lunch. We got lunch at the local restaurant which was recomended by our local friends.

Actually there was a village inside the island. We should not wear bikini in the village. There was a warning letter while we entrance the village. Interesting!

After lunch, we will explore the island by bike. My local friend said it was not far to go around the island. Plus, we can see the sunset. Yey! Therefore, we rented bikes. We also brought drinks and snacks for our biking trip.

We were so excited to ride a bike in the beach. It was my first experienced. Although it was not easy to ride a bike on the sands. We should gave more energy. On our trip, we saw many luxurius resorts and hotels along the beach. Perhaps, someday I can stay there and lay on their beach. They had an exclusive beach view.

We have an enjoyable riding because the street was not really crowded. Therefore, we can take pictures freely. We rode in the sunset point. I did not what it was called, but people said it was the best spot in Trawangan if you wanted to catch sunset.

The place was not special and no other people when we came. It was like a bridge and a rocking hill, no hotel or local house. We sat there a couple minutes to wait the sunset and take a rest. When sunset almost came, there were many people came. Oh, it was a good sign that we were in the right place.

The sunset was so wonderful. The blue and white of the sea changed slowly into orange. It was adorable. If I wanted to freeze a moment, it was the time. We were speechless. Masya Allah. I think it was one of the best sunset I have ever seen.

I wanted to sit longer, but my friend said we should back to ride before it was too dark. Oh, I remembered that we rent a bike and we should take it back.

This time we rode the bike a little bit hurry, because it was almost late to return the bike. It was also dark because there were no lamp in some area. We just went straight because we were going around this island. We also did not prepared to bring a flashlight. Fortunately, there was some torchlight in some areas.

We were so tired and hungry. Therefore, the back trip was felt so far. My local friend encourauged us to ride a little bit again. We cheered each others. Although, mostly we rode in silent to save the energy. Thanks God, we finally see the light and other people. It meant we arrived the crowd. It was relieved.

(to be continued to: Day 2 at Gili Trawangan) is your wow travel story

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