Henna's Adventure-Little India, Singapore

It was almost 10 pm and my kids still felt anxious. This was a school trip to Singapore. From day 1 we were searching the right time to explored this Little India. At day 3 we went to the street and searched for somebody, not just anybody, but an Indian Lady who could gave us some henna painting. But it was late. We went from one Henna store to the other and they're all closed. The girls walking back sadly. Then a light shine softly and we see a store selling Indian jewelry. One of the kids ask one of the shop keeper did they know any henna painting salon that still open. And one of the Indian Lady smiled. "Dear, you come from Indonesia?" We all noded. "Well... we already closed but I could help you. I've done Henna for almost thirteen years. And the girls shouted "Yes! We finally found one!" OOO we want it, could you do it for all of us pleaaase... " beg the girls. "Sure", come upstair and let see what I can do". We quickly rushed upstrairs. Henna scent all over the place. We got some tips on doing our own Henna.  

And we proudly present our Henna painted hand, not just an ordinary Henna. But a henna painting from a real Indian Lady :)

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