Jogja-Mosque in Tamansari

This town always attracted me with their culture, creativity, modesty, and hospitality. Jogja sung a song from the past. 

This time we travelled to Tamansari. But the one which captured our interest was this mosque. 

The mosque at Tamansari. Is one of the mosque that build underground. One must passed a stairway down inside of the dark entrance. The ceiling was low. Made everyone who stepped into it felt so small. This tunnel than turn right. In the middle of the tunnel there was an open space, fill with staircases. Some said that people take wudhu in this area back then. Wudhu is one of Moslem rules to wipe our body to remain clean before we take a pray. Suprisingly inside the area which moslem do their prayer-Shalat, the ceiling is higher. We catched the sense of relief, soft air came from open window. The mihrab area never had a speaker. There a small openings on the right and left side of the mihrab. This function as a speaker. When muazin called- Azan (time for praying), the sound automatically  travel through the hole, spreading the sound throughout the village. What a lovely mosque.

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